Over the years the member of spacecadets take part in different missions. Here you will find some information about these projects, the styles it represented, who was involved and what was going on until today.
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Camoz started this project together with Luisa Fischer (vocals & lyrics) in 2007. Silbiose  combines german sprechgesang (rap) with Camoz´ rough and experimental electronic  sounds. Their first album will be released on MAAT Records in the beginning of 2010. In  2007 and 2008 Camoz and Silbiose participated in the Second Earth Remix Projectwith and  contributed two Remixes of the Empath "Second Earth". By the way the name Silbiose is  based upon a combination of two german words - Silbe (engl. syllable) and Symbiose (engl.  symbiosis).  Status: aktive  http://www.discogs.com/artist/Silbiose http://www.myspace.com/Silbiose
In 1999 Camoz and maatadore decided to wipe off the old project and soar them-selves to new heights. The  crew was rebuilt and renamed under the flag of the "operation mindfuck" to bring their vision of electronic music  to the crowd. It developed to a platform of different styles and artists and furthermore to  an audiovisuell adventure a bit later when Hip-hop and Electro DJ' s has joined the crew as there were: DJ Abdel  Hakim (1999-2000, Funk & Soul / now: Stars for Soul), Andy Biotica (1999-2000, Techno, Elektro, Breakbeats,  DnB / now: Subexil), Ruffneck (2000-02 Hip Hop, Raggae, Industrial / now: Industrialization), Hips (2001-03),  Vög (1999-2000), Anthrax ( Videoart) and Pi-methodie (2001 Hip Hop, Funk & Soul). With the arrangement at the Kosmophon-club and the Knockx/X-lounge the Sound started with mixture of Jungle & Breakbeat and it slide more and more to IDM & Electronica. In that time some of the legendary OMF-events  have taken place: On the 24th of June 2000 they organized their own IDM-Breaks-festival “WE OBSERVE AND  INFLUENCE YOU” alongside with PHONEM (beta bodega), RICHARD DEVINE & PHOENECIA (both schematic /  warp rec.) and SWAP (Musik aus Storm). An other unforgettable highlight was the “AMERICAN BREAKBEAT TOUR  2000” were the crowd could listen to the US-IDM heroes HRVATSKI (Reckanklankewerkzeuge / Tigerbeat 6) and  LEXAUNCULPT (Tigerbeat 6) for free. An other haunted event was the benefit performance for the “Grüne Hilfe  Leipzig” (Green Help). In this case they brought for the first time most of all active local DJ's (24) together who  represented different styles of music from hip hip to Electro. With their weekly event series “INTRAVENÖS” at the  Kosmophon a new and fresh performance was born that established open music sessions for young electronic  artist.  Over a few years the operation mindfuck became a important part in the club-scene of Leipzig. As the  Kosmophon-club was closed down in the year 2001 the operation mindfuck was involved in the  fridayclub@distillery to continue their projects. To be more independent they initiated and etablished an own  club named "Feuerwache" at the old cotton spinning mill - Baumwollspinnerei. This project survived only one  year due to the miserable basic conditions. Nevertheless they could invite some important acts like PHONEM and  SKANFROM to this place and support LTJ BUKEM in the area of Spinnereistrasse during that time. At the end of  the story each one of them followed their own path of living music.  Status: lost in space 
The Breakbeatmassaker was project that was originally run by Phono and Echolot in  2002. One year later the crew was joined by new members as there were Royale,  Base, Kukidenta a.k.a. RevoluTon and Schotter a.k.a maatadore, who was invited to  join by Jorge Phono. Over three years they played floors in Berlin, Leipzig, Chemnitz,  Dresden, Gera, at the SonneMondSterne Festival 2003-2005 and in some more towns  so this space would be too small to mention. They organized their own parties  together with acts like X-Prodigy-member Leeroy Thornhill and Paradox. In 2005 they  split because of differences between the members and each of them has followed their own ways. They wrote history - introducing the "true breaks" - real drum funk - into  the techno festival SonneMondSterne (in 2004 and 2005) and Breakbeatmassaker run  some extremely fresh parties that shocked the local scene and the playing DJ's in  equal shares.  Status: disbanded - R.I.P.